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Contoh Job Vacancy, Application Letter, Curriculum Vitae Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Job Vacancy, Application Letter, Curriculum Vitae Dalam Bahasa Inggris - Job Vacancy atau Lowongan Kerja adalah Peluang kerja di posisi tertentu di agensi atau tempat bisnis yang tersedia untuk individu dan kelompok yang telah memenuhi persyaratan yang disyaratkan, Job Vacancy ini biasanya ada dalam pelajaran bahasa inggris.

Oke kali ini saya mau share contoh job vacancy dari pengalaman saya dan contoh application leter, curriculum vitae berbahasa inggris yang saya dapatkan atau referensi dari Silahkan di simak.

Contoh Job Vacancy, Application Letter, Curriculum Vitae Dalam Bahasa Inggris



Requirements : 
- Have a skills in computer networking or system computer
- Good in Speak English
- Have a Experients in a computer networking or sytem computer
- Minimal S1 in Computer academy
- Have a skills in programming languages

Qualification :
- Male or Female
- Minimal 18 years old
- Love in system computer world

Salary :

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday ( 08:00 am-05:00 pm).

Medan at ICT Pro Office at Sisingamangaraja street.

Send your application letter soon.


English Teacher Course

Evaluate children’s performance to make sure they on the right learning track.

    1. Fluent in speaking English.
2. Able to work in a team.

1. Bachelor in English education major.
2. Patience, flexibilit, discipline and love children.
3. Good communication and interpersonal skills.


1. Male or  Female ( 21-35 years old).
2. Honest and love teaching.

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday ( 08:00 am-05:00 pm).

Perbaungan at Golden Age Course Center at Pahoman street no 28.

Send your application soon.


10, Kotbum Road 
10th October ,2017

Attention To : 
Department Information Technology 
PT. Teleperformance Indonesian 
JL. Jend. Gatot Subroto, Kav.38, 
12710, Jakarta. 

Dear, Based on advertising or social media news recently at I am interested to apply for a job as an IT Programmer and Application Development. 

I am 21 years old. I graduated from computer science faculty at Esa Unggul University. I am looking for positions related to IT Programmer and Application Development in the research and development department of a large company. 

I have experienced field work practice in an information technology company in Tangerang and to improve my background I have attended several IT programming development courses, and I have experience in understanding IT development. Against this  background, I definitely believe that I can make a good contribution to your company and I want to expand my experience. 

I am attaching my curriculum vitae. I hope to hear from you soon and be given a chance to meet you during the interview. 

Yours sincerely, 

Fanolo Gulo 
Enc: - Curriculum Vitae



Full Name : Fanolo Gulo 
Place and Date of Birth : Tangerang, March 08, 1996 
Age : 21 Years 
Gender : Male 
Regilion : Islam 
Marital Status : Single 
Address : JL. Kotbum 10, RT.01 RW.01, Tangerang - Banten. 
Pos Code : 15133 
City : Tangerang 
Hp/Phone : 089630716268 / - 
E-mail : 
Height : 168 cm 
Weight : 65 kg 
Blood Type : O 
Health : I'm is Healthy  
Nationality : Indonesian
-In 2005, I completed Elementary School in SDN Kuta Bumi 02 Paserkemis.
-In 2011, I completed Junior High School in SMPN 5 Pasarkemis.
-In 2014, I completed Senior High School in SMA Markus Tangerang.
-In 2015, I as university student at Esa Unggul, Faculty of Computer Science, Majoring of Information Technic, Semester a Five.
-For nine months, I worked as developer progammers IT in PT. Development IT.

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